The Gnostic Yoga Fellowship combines the mystical and esoteric teachings of the Qabalah, modern Gnosticism, the Essenes and Celtic Christians with the Kriya Yoga of Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Gnanananda and Goswami Kriyananda.  We're affiliated with the Universal Gnostic Fellowship and subscribe to the Doctrine of One which states there is one Creator of all that exists.  This is the only doctrine and dogma governing the Fellowship. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you find and follow your own spiritual path, whatever that path may be.

You Are Invited

You're invited to join the Gnostic Yoga Fellowship and enjoy the teachings reserved for members only.  Discover the secret to enlightenment through Power Meditation and the Seven Initiations of Gnostic Kriya Yoga.

If your heart is called to meditation, please follow your heart and join us.  Enjoy the pleasures of Power Meditation.  If your heart is drawn to the Eastern teachings, please follow your heart and join us.  Meet your spirit guides and guardian angel.  Discover your purpose and potential in this lifetime. 

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Free Newsletter

The spiritual preceptor of the Gnostic Yoga Fellowship writes a weekly newsletter, Gnostic News, for the Universal Gnostic Church.  The Fellowship recommends this newsletter to all people interested in achieving Gnosis - direct knowledge of the Divine. 

Suggested Reading

The Gnostic Yoga Fellowship Reading List contains articles and reviews we found helpful in our own spiritual journeys.  We encourage you to download and read any of them that appeal to you at this time.

The Universal Gnostic Fellowship Reading Listcontains reviews and copies of outstanding Christian, Gnostic, Mystical, Qabalah and Self-improvement titles.  We encourage you to download and read any of these materials that may appeal to you.

The Gnostic Yoga Fellowship is preparing some audio lessons which will be available on CD and cassette tapes.

Resource List

The Gnostic Yoga Fellowship Resource List contains links to other important sites the Fellowship recommends.

Specifically, the Gnostic Yoga Fellowship supports the efforts of the Ancient Order of Druids in America to save the rainforests, trees, nature, wildlife and our wilderness habitats. 

We support the Intentional Prayer Network as a place to help others while helping yourself.

We support the personal work of the Order of Spiritual Alchemy and encourage you to discover the person you came here to be using the art of Spiritual Alchemy.

The Fellowship also supports the healing teachings of the Order of Modern Essenes and the Certified Spiritual Health Coach program.

Our Spiritual Preceptor

[ Mahaswami Medhirananda ]

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